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Why should you use DocTracker?

Use Cases

The use cases are diverse, our customers use DocTracker to monitor documents for mergers & acquisitions, patent specifications, engineering drawings, quotations, training documents, tenders and many others.

Know where your documents go
Do you ever wonder who opens your documents?
DocTracker enables you to see which IP-addresses access your files.
Define your readergroup

Define who will be informed about unauthorized access attempts to your documents.

Customize your alarms
Optmize alerts by adapting and customizing your whitelist to your documents' readership.

Know where your Documents are

No surprises, no leaks. Keep full control of your documents!


Pinpoint the IP address from which your documents were opened.

Supported Document Types

Microsoft Office Word (docx), Excel (xlsx) and PowerPoint (pptx).



Locate documents once they are openend in an office suite or document reader.

Access Groups

White-list your trusted contacts and set predefined alarm configurations.


How does DocTracker work?

DocTracker tags your document after a successful upload.

When anybody then opens this tagged document, an http or smb ping is sent to the DocTracker sensor using the standard ports of each protocol which will then allow you to gather information (timestamp, location of the IP address etc).

How do I know when documents are opened?
If notifications for hit events have been configured you will be informed when and where documents or ZIP files have been opened.
Each document allows you to inspect the details of the hits or alerts (e.g. timestamp and the public IP address).
The client software used to open the document will also be displayed, aswell as a link to to get more information about the IP address.
Can a document be edited after it has been uploaded to DocTracker?
With the MS 365 Office Suite, documents can be edited without effecting the active tag.
Can I use DocTracker on fake documents (lures) in a CyberTrap Deception Technology environment?
Yes. Just like for real (e.g. confidential) documents, Doctracker can be used on fake documents which are stored on a CyberTrap Decoy system, e.g. with a filesharing service like SMB or NFS.
If an adversary steals these artificial documents and passes them on to their client and the latter opens it, then his public IP address will be sent to the DocTracker server along with other information. This way you can geo-locate the documents.
Where do I go if I need help with DocTracker?
Our User Manual will provide answers for your questions.

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sensitive documents tagged with DocTracker

Pricing Plans

Plans include all supported MS Office formats, document readers and browsers. 

DocTracker Enterprise Plan

  • Up to unlimited documents
  • Admins on demand
  • API access
  • Secure Hosting, daily Backup
  • Online + phone support

Quotes from our Customers:

“With DocTracker I can see from which IP-address a document was opened. If a document is opened outside of our whitelist, DocTracker alerts us immediately and we can react accordingly.”
“In our industry it is absolutely necessary not to carry any data outside. DocTracker alerts us in the event that unauthorized third parties access our documents. In combination with CyberTrap, we can react to attacks in the best possible way.”
“With DocTracker I can immediately see when one of my sent documents is opened by a third party. This way, I can counteract unwanted data access and keep my clients’ interests safe. An absolute must for every law firm!”

„DocTracker not only showed me that a confidential document leaked, but it also showed me where it ended up.”

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DocTracker by CyberTrap.

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